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Saturday, Feb 06th

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Political Da'wah

I feel that in a non-Muslim country where Muslims are not in power what we have to do is Dawah to non-Muslims and reform Muslims. But there is an organization here who says we also has to do political dawah. They criticize anything which the government does. They say Prophet Moosa (Allah's Mercy be upon him) not only preached Tawheed to Firown but also asked him to allow Israelis to go with Moosa (Allah's Mercy be upon him) to liberate oppressed Israelis which is Politics. See20:47. They say that Allah also says we have to liberate the oppressed. I do not remember the Verse. Here in India we are free to practise and preach Islam.

Is this opinion correct?

Thank you.
Was Salaam.


I fully agree with your point of view. For details regarding my point of view, please refer to some of my earlier responses to related questions, which you may find at:

Contemporary Muslim Political Thoughts

I hope this helps.

Fond regards,

Moiz Amjad
July 5, 2005

Answer published by Moiz Amjad

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