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The Qur'an and Natural Phenomena

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Science In the Qur'an: The Bodies Of Water - Pycnocline

QuestionfromSouth Africa

shukran for your answer to my original question about the phenemenom of pycnocline
You mentioned in the first paragraph that the Quran only mentions natural phenomena that are familiar to people. However, there are references to phenomena that were only observerable with modern scientific equipment such as the description of the stages of the human developement in the mothers womb, the mention of the origin and developement of the universe etc. Even though as you mentioned, it is not in the quran as a scientific statement but is there for man to reflect on Allah's lordship and majesty. What is your view on this?

While it may be that the Qur'an does mention things that we may have a greater appreciation for with our advancements, we have to be careful with what we project upon its verses. Science changes and it may be that what we ascribe to the Qur'an could change due to better understanding or new discoveries. For example, the Big Bang is the dominant theory of how this Universe came about and surely there are verses that are harmonious with it; however, what if that theory is refined or altogether dismissed? This is not to discourage the studying of the Qur'an from a different angle but to express caution at doing so. Simply, we take the conservative approach in trying to ascertain the message and its guidance; whatever other possible interpretations that may be derived thereafter could be taken under serious consideration. No doubt verses that agree with a particular scientific theory may cause us to ponder and appreciate God's wonders. There is nothing wrong with that. The only thing we have to be careful of is weighing the verses down with our ideas thereby basing the very foundation of our faith on our current scientific understanding.

I hope this helps.

God knows best.

Answer published by Ronnie Hassan

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