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Is it Necessary to take a Bath after Masturbation?


You have said that Masturbation is allowed. Please tell me:

  1. If you wash yourself afterward real good with water, can you pray Namaaz then. I have heard somewhere that you must take a shower after ejaculation. Is it true?

  2. Can you masturbate during fasting (roza)?

  3. Can we watch sexual related material?

Please answer my questions. I will be really happy if you answered me.


Question from United Kingdom

Before answering your specific questions, I would like to clarify that I do NOT hold masturbation to be allowed. On the contrary, I have just stated that it is NOT expressly prohibited by the Qur'an. The Shari`ah has not discussed the issue of masturbation, which means that it is neither prohibited in the Shari`ah, nor expressly allowed.

I, personally, do not recommend developing a habit of masturbation, as it entails an element of mental lewdness and impious thoughts. Thus, such a habit has a negative effect on the mental, spiritual and physical cleansing of the human soul and should, therefore, be refrained from, as far as possible.

Keeping the above clarification in perspective, my answers to your questions follow, respectively:

  1. The Shari`ah has prescribed taking a thorough bath, after an orgasmic ejaculation, before attending to one's prayers. I, therefore, agree with the stated opinion that one must take a bath before offering prayers, after an orgasmic ejaculation.

  2. Because the referred act entails an element of sexual gratification, therefore, it should be completely refrained from, while in a state of fasting. When the Qur'an has prescribed restraint from the recommended form of sexual gratification (i.e. with one's spouse), then, in my opinion, all other lesser forms of such gratification should also be refrained from.

  3. For my answer to your third question, please refer to one of my previous responses on a related topic titled 'Watching Pornography'.


December 6, 2000

Answer published by Moiz Amjad