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How to give Bath to the Dead?


How to give a Dead person Bath according to the teachings of Prophet??

Sheikh Mustafa

Question from Pakistan

The Shari`ah prescribes upon Muslims to clean and bury their dead brethren in a most suitable and respectful manner. As a part of the respect given to the Muslim corpse, the Shari`ah prescribes giving the bath to the corpse and subsequently, shrouding it in a clean cloth.

As far as the details of giving bath to the corpse are concerned, these have not been spelled out by the Shari`ah and, therefore, any method or style, which adequately washes and cleans the corpse shall be considered as acceptable.

Although, as stated earlier, it suffices to thoroughly pour water over the dead body, yet in view of the extraordinary importance of cleanliness and physical cleansing, the corpse should be washed as thoroughly as possible. The Prophet (pbuh) is reported to have said:

Wash her[1] with water and jujube leaves three, five or even more times, if you would. And the last time you wash her, mix some camphor in the water as well. (Bukhariy, Kitaab al-Janaayiz)

According to another narrative, the Prophet (pbuh) is reported to have said:

Wash her in odd numbers, three, five or seven times. Start with her right side and wash those parts first, which are washed during ablution for prayers. (Bukhariy, Kitaab al-Janaayiz)

The directive ascribed to the Prophet (pbuh) in the cited narratives, should be seen as the uswah-e-hasanah of the Prophet (pbuh), in this respect.


Moiz Amjad
October 9, 2001

[1] It was the corpse of his baby daughter.

Answer published by Moiz Amjad