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Inheritance Of Children & Grandchildren

Assalamualaikum! I have a question concerning the inheritance of property. Suppose a person dies leaving behind one son three daughters and a wife and more over his Son is also died and he left with 2 sons and one daughter..please tell me according to islamic point of view how distribution of wealth is done among all of them...

Question from Pakistan
Wa Alaykumu Salam,

If the person has parents that are alive they recieve 1/6th each. The wife receives 1/8th. The three girls will have equal shares and since the son died he cannot inherit. The same rule applies for the children of the son inheriting. As for the sons, they get an equal share. Each son gets twice the amount of one daughter (in this case there is only one daughter). The remaining inheritance is allotted to the daughter.

Keep in mind that the creditors are the first to be paid their due. After that, the will of deceased must be executed in accordance to his wishes. Lastly, what is left of the balance of the property and assets should be distributed in the order described.

Please read the following for a more detailed explanation: Understanding the Law of Inheritance of the Qur'an

I hope this helps.

God knows best.

Answer published by Ronnie Hassan

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