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99 Names of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Asalam Aalaikum I visited a Bookshop in my area, where I found a book titled "99 names of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)"(Iam sorry I dont remember the name of the author of the book). I have heard about 99 names of Allah(swt) but does the last and final Messenger of Allah(swt) also have 99 names? Regards,

Question from Pakistan
The Prophet Muhammad has many more attributes than ninety-nine. It seems that the author of the book has taken what has become popular in Islamic culture relating to God and created something similar for the Prophet. Although this cannot be termed un-Islamic it does draw an uneasy parallel between itself and a well-accepted Islamic tradition regarding God. I suggest that such a belief regarding the Prophet not be adopted because it in fact limits him and could potentially create another ideologically baseless concept to invest in. It is simply un-Islamic and has no basis in Islam. It is the brain-child of a person not of God, the Prophet or Islam. The ninety-nine names of God or of the Prophet (pbuh) are only their respective attributes - some of which are mentioned in the Qur'an and others are those that have been considered appropriate. Neither of these so-called ninety-nine names or attributes are based on the Qur'an or form a part of the Muslim faith. It is possible that some of these names - whether of God or of the Prophet (pbuh) - may not be considered appropriate by some. Although the understanding of the correct attributes of God is of a primary significance in understanding and development of the appropriate relationship with Him, but the so-called ninety-nine names of the Prophet (pbuh) have absolutely no religious significance. I hope I have clarified the issue. God knows best. Ronnie Hassan January 24, 2005

Answer published by Ronnie Hassan