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Which Language do Muslims Speak


Do most Muslims speak English or Hindi language and which areas. What is the population of Pakistan and Muslim people?

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Sandi Basi

Question from Canada

Muslims around the world are from diversified backgrounds, and their religion does not really restrict them to any specific type of culture. A Muslim can feel just as at home in cosmopolitan New York, as they would in the sun-baked houses of some parts of Cairo. Moreover, considering most Muslims have reached the 1.1 billion mark in world population statistics, spanning 40 predominantly Muslim countries and 5 continents, the languages spoken within the Muslim world now enter into many thousands. Thus, in face of this diversity, it is quite difficult to generally characterize Muslims as belonging to a few particular ethnic groups with their few corresponding languages.

Also, given that the introduction of English is spreading fast into Muslim regions, it would not be correct to say that it has successfully reached the vast majority of Muslim adherents. Nevertheless, English is still spoken by a significant minority of Muslims throughout the world, mainly in the European and American continents. Hindi, a language very similar to its Pakistani counterpart Urdu, is predominantly spoken in India where 14 % of the population are generally considered to be Muslim. The population of Pakistan is roughly 144.5 million. About 97% of this population is made up of Muslims, and Christians and Hindus constitute the leading minorities.

Adil Farooq

Answer published by Moiz Amjad