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Sunday, Feb 14th

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Inter-Ethnic Hacking Wars on the Internet


Are the hacking wars between Israeli and Muslim web surfers permissible in Islam. They hack us and we hack back. Is it ok? Specially when hacking is considered a crime?

These wars were dubbed by most newspapers as e-jihad.

Fee Aman-Allah,

Question from United Kingdom

In my opinion, a Muslim should avoid resorting to any unethical practices. Our ethics and morality should not be relative to those of others, but should be absolute. Thus, we must adhere to our moral and ethical values with others, irrespective of whether others adhere to these values or not. In other words, we should deal with others, in a way that we would like them to deal with us, not in a way that they actually deal with us.


December 14, 2000

Answer published by Moiz Amjad