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Why God wants us to Thank Him?


I have always thought about this that God made me and sent me on this earth. Now since He made me, isn't this His responsibility to provide me with all the happiness in the world? In other words, when I come across any difficulty in life, I think that it is just a test in my temporary life but before I was born, I did not ask for this life, so wasn't it better that I was not created in the first place? In case, if I was created, then isn't the creator responsible for taking care of me? Isn't this His duty to me to take care of me since He made me? and if it is His duty then why does He want me to thank HIM for his blessings?

Thank you,

Ayesha Riaz

Question from United States of America

Firstly, whether or not it was the responsibility of our Creator to provide us with all the blessings that we enjoy in the life of this world does not matter in our being thankful and grateful to Him. On the contrary, it is the mere realization and appreciation of the blessings, which we are bestowed with in life, which should force us into being grateful to our Creator.

The mere fact that we value this life, we value the love of our parents, we value the comforts that life has offered us, we value the heartening smiles of our children and we value the guidance that God has given us is enough to make us to thank God for these blessings. The question whether it was God's duty to provide us with all these blessings does not even arise.

Secondly, the idea that it was the duty of our creator to provide us with all the blessings that we enjoy is based on an incorrect concept of the 'duties of God'. Being apparently insignificant creations of the Almighty, we are in no position to demand any rights on the Almighty or remind Him of any of His duties towards us. We neither have a lien on His blessings nor are we in any position to press our rights on Him. The fact that God has made it binding upon Himself to provide for our needs, requirements and desires is in itself a show of His abounding grace and mercy. Revelations of the Abrahamic religions call us to be thankful to God for making it binding upon Himself to provide for our needs, even though we had no right to these blessings.

We should be thankful to our Creator for all that we are blessed with because that is the only correct response that we can give Him in return for these blessings. After all, how else can we respond to these great blessings and how else can we acknowledge His abounding grace of making it binding upon Himself to provide us with our needs.

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Moiz Amjad
December 10, 2001

Answer published by Moiz Amjad