Are the Quraysh Supposed to Lead All Muslims for All Time?

I just heard a hadith which is referred in your website by the following link too. i heard that it means that only people of Quresh can rule the country otherwise its unislamic to follow any other ruler who is not from Quresh Tribe: Narrative Regarding, 'Quraish Will Remain Rulers Until They Lose God's Support'

Question from Pakistan
The hadith in question does not support the understanding presented. It is related to the political power the Quraysh wielded amongst the Bani Isma'il. The Hadith advises having the Quraysh as the leaders simply because they were in the position of being trusted by the majority (of other tribes).

Thus, this is not related to an eternal rule or one that encompasses all humanity. Rather, it underscores that Islam supports the concept of majority rule as it relates to governance. Reading the hadith and its explanation clearly should bring to light that the Quraysh are not given special leadership authority over all Muslims spanning all time.

I hope this helps.

God knows best.

Answer published by Ronnie Hassan

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