If Islam Is Peaceful Why Did the Prophet (pbuh) Go To War?

If Islam is a peaceful religion , then Why Muhammad (PBUH) fought a handful of battles in his lifetime, resulting in barely 1,000 casualties on all sides? Was he imposing the religion on other people? Why such violance? I'll be very thankful for your help,

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Please refer to the first part of the following answer, where the issue of Itmam-Al-hujjah is explained: Some Clarifications Regarding the Position & the Mission of a Rasu'l

Please also look at: http://www.understanding-islam.com/related/text.asp?type=question&qid=35&sscatid=10 and the following link is a very detailed answer related to the same subject (you may ignore the long question): The Political Revolution Brought About by the Prophet (pbuh) and its Significance in Planning for the Reestablishment of 'Khilaafah' in the Present Times

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