“2024, the Arabs in the crematorium”

“2024, the Arabs in the crematorium”

These are the inscriptions of a vile and racist tag found on the fence of a house belonging to a citizen said to be “of Arab origin”.

The CFCM, which expresses its solidarity with our fellow citizen who is the victim of this attack, is deeply outraged by the violence of the words used. This often marks the prelude to other forms of violence, particularly physical. The expression of “crematorium”undoubtedly referring to the Shoah and the dark hours of our history, was used to threaten an entire section of our country.

The heirs of yesterday's anti-Semites have not abandoned what was handed down to them. They continue to draw their ideas from it and refer to it for attack their new target, the “Arab-Muslim” component. However, those who think that these extremists have abandoned their hatred of the Jewish component are seriously mistaken.

On this subject, the CFCM was shocked by the comments made on BFMTV by Bernard-Henri Lévy. The latter, questioned about the invitation of the British Douglas Murray to the evening he organized on the fight against anti-Semitism, put forward a single argument: “he is not anti-Semitic, he does not never was.”

Reprised by a journalist: “Yes, but he is anti-Islam”, BHL still saw no problem and preferred to respond: “That is not my case”. How can we claim to fight a form of racism, in this case anti-Semitism, by allying ourselves with other notorious racists?

The liberation of racist speech contributes to the liberation of racist acts in the streets of our country. All hatred must be condemned and fought with the same determination and the same force. Without fair and indiscriminate treatment of all forms of racism, the very foundations of our republican pact are in danger.

The French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM)
Paris, June 5, 2024