Who are we?

Understanding Islam is an inclusive platform, dedicated to presenting the true essence and spirit of Islam. Our mission is to provide accurate, reliable, and unbiased information to people seeking to learn about Islam.

Our platform is designed as a comprehensive resource hub that caters to everyone, regardless of your faith, background, or exposure to this beautiful religion. We believe that understanding Islam can foster harmony, respect, and unity amongst diverse communities across the globe.

Our writters


Ali, the head author and founder of Understanding Islam, is a renowned Islamic scholar and teacher who has devoted much of his life to the study and teaching of Islam.


Muhammad is a visionary thinker and passionate writer who has been contributing to Understanding Islam for several years.


Zina is an exceptional author and lecturer with a focus on Islamic history, art, and culture.

Our history

It was in January 1997 that I entered the Web. My inclination towards religion, in general, and Islam, in particular, drew me towards sites that were religious in their content. I saw a number of sites… one after the other… not only Muslim sites but also a number of Christian, Jewish and Hindu sites.

It was sometime in June 1997 that I started exploring the idea of launching my own web page. The idea initiated primarily because of two reasons:

  • After looking at the Muslim sites, I felt that by the grace of Allah, and because of the training that I had received from my teacher, Javed Ahmad Ghamidi, I really had something to contribute to the Islamic literature already available on the web; and
  • After looking at the non-Muslim sites, I felt that I could effectively answer their criticisms on Islam and especially the Qur’an.

It was only in October 1997 that I finally succeeded in launching my first web page. The page was initially situated at a free web space offered by my ISP. The address at that time was www.brain.net.pk/~dsera. After some time, I started receiving questions on Islam, which subsequently, I decided to add to my page. It was in April 1999 that with a generous contribution of one of my respected friends, Mian Aamer Mahmood, Chairman Punjab Group of Colleges that a new site was launched with the present registered domain name. Subsequently in May 2001, Mr. Nohman Ishtiaq – who is a Chartered Management Accountant by profession and an expert website designer, as everyone can see – contributed his time and expertise and gave a crispier and a more manageable look to the site. Thus, the journey, which had initiated at www.brain.net.pk/~dsera has now reached the stage which the readers see on these pages.

May the Almighty bless all those, during the life of this world as well as the hereafter, who have contributed in my work, and may He grant us the privileged opportunity of serving His Truth.

My main objectives in maintaining this page are:

  • To present a clear and unbiased view of Islam;
  • To answer questions on Islam;
  • To answer criticisms on Islam, and especially the Qur’an.

In May 1998, I added an Urdu page for the benefit of expatriate Indians and Pakistanis.
I invite all those who agree with my objectives to contribute to my cause of Da`wah (propagation of Islamic thought) in any and every way that they can.

May Allah help us in helping His Deen (Religion).