Mohammad Qasem Mohammad Abu Zer, 15 ans, a été abattu par les forces israéliennes vers 19 heures le 22 octobre, selon les documents recueillis par la DCIP. (Photo : avec l’aimable autorisation de la famille Abu Zer)

2,055 Palestinian children killed in Gaza, and more than 800 missing on 18th day of Israeli bombing

According to a report from Defense for Children International Palestine, dated October 23:

2,055 Palestinian children have been killed since the launch, Saturday October 7, 2023, of the Israeli repression operation “Iron Swords” in the Gaza Strip.

At least 182 Palestinian children were killed in the past 24 hours of Israeli bombardment, which many Palestinians in Gaza called the most intense day of bombing since October 7.

The number of dead and injured recorded by the Gaza Ministry of Health only takes into account those admitted to hospitals, and there are an estimated 830 Palestinian children missing under the rubble of destroyed buildings, the number actual death rate therefore being much higher. Additionally, 4,992 Palestinian children in Gaza are injured.

According to an Al Jazeera article, doctors in Gaza are reporting many cases of chickenpox, scabies and diarrhea, especially among children, as Palestinians do not have access to clean water, sanitation and sanitation. base and sanitation due to the complete closure of the Gaza Strip by the Israeli authorities.

The Ministry of Health also reported at least 8,000 new cases of coronavirus among displaced Palestinians, most of whom live in conditions of extreme promiscuity.

Palestinian doctors also warn that hospital fuel reserves are critically dwindling,at least 130 premature babies are at risk if their incubators stop. Furthermore, approximately 1,100 patients suffering from renal failureincluding 38 children, rely on dialysis machines to stay alive.

It is estimated to 1.4 million Palestinians displaced in Gazaaccording to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

Two weeks after Israel cut off food, water, electricity and fuel supplies to Gaza, two humanitarian aid convoys totaling 34 trucks entered Gaza through the Rafah crossing on October 21 and 22 , according to UN OCHA, carrying food, water and medical supplies. Fuel was not included in the aid deliveries, nor was medical anesthetic – without which it will soon no longer be possible to operate in Gaza’s spared and still functioning hospitals.

At least 43% of homes in the Gaza Strip have been damaged or completely destroyed since October 7, according to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

Before October 7, an average of 600 humanitarian aid trucks entered the Gaza Strip every day to bring relief to Palestinians. No humanitarian aid trucks entered Gaza between October 7 and 20.

Since October 7, 91 Palestinians, including 29 Palestinian children, have been killed in the occupied West Bank, according to documents collected by the DCIP, including Mohammad Qasem Mohammad Abu Zer, 15, who was shot in the chest by a sniper Israeli last night. The same sniper shot Mohammad’s older brother when he rushed to help him.

International humanitarian law prohibits indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks and requires all parties to armed conflict to distinguish between military targets, civilians and civilian objects.

The deployment of explosive weapons in densely populated civilian areas constitutes an indiscriminate attack and direct attacks against civilians or civilian objects constitute war crimes.

Palestine Media Agency