Ahed Tamimi, the icon of the Palestinian Resistance, arrested again by the Israeli army

Ahed Tamimi, the icon of the Palestinian Resistance, arrested again by the Israeli army

Goldilocks of the occupied West Bank when she was a child, Ahed Tamimi, 22, turned into a heroine of the Palestinian Resistance as a teenager, in her native village of Nabi Saleh, which she has always known as the cruel yoke of occupation, and well beyond its borders.

Both witness and victim of Israel’s frenzied, relentless and exterminating colonization and its massive violations of international law – 3 close relatives were killed, his own parents were arrested several times – the iconic figure of the extraordinarily resilient and combative Palestinian youth, who very early on stood up, fist raised, against the soldiers of the most immoral army in the world, was arrested again, this Monday morning, at first light a dismal dawn.

Ahed Tamimi challenging an Israeli soldier at the age of 11. The photo went around the world

Six years after being brutally torn from her family, thrown for eight long months in infamous Israeli jails, where the most absolute arbitrariness reigns, and subjected to muscular interrogations, although minor, the bête noire of the State of Israeli apartheid is, once again, in the hands of its torturers.

At a time when the population of Gaza is the victim of an abominable genocidal massacre before our horrified eyes, the now famous resistance fighter, blonde with blue eyes, from Nabi Saleh was arrested and handcuffed at her home, with incredible savagery, during an Israeli raid in the north of the occupied West Bank.

A few daysBarely after his father, Ahed Tamimi therefore suffered the same terrible fate as him, as the spokesperson for the occupation army boasted.

According to the latter, she is “ suspected of inciting violence and terrorist activities, through a post inciting the killing of Israelis in all West Bank cities », specifying that she “ was apprehended in Nabi Saleh, then transferred to Israeli security forces for further questioning », during a raid which aimed has apprehend individuals suspected of being involved in terrorist activities and incitement to hatred “.

Ahed Tamimi during his charade trial before a military court in 2018

Nariman Tamimi, her distraught mother, who categorically refutes the accusations against her daughter, recounted the new shattering invasion of Israeli soldiers at their home.

As usual, they violently dragged the entire household out of bed at dawn, searching and ransacking every room, before confiscating all the cell phones. According to the same modus operandi that the Gestapo would not have denied, they sowed terror and chaos with a single goal: to arrest their target, her daughter, if possible by terrifying her, which she recalled with emotion that she is winner of the prestigious Handela Courage Prize.

In 2017, when she was only 17 years old, Ahed Tamimi was subjected to particularly inhumane conditions of detention, in contempt of the sacred rights of childhood, which Israel joyfully flouts when it comes to of Palestinian children: she was imprisoned alone in 3 different sinister places, undergoing the dreaded psychological torture of placement in solitary confinement, with the sentence that her mother tirelessly repeated engraved in her memory:

“Occupied Palestine is a place of massacred childhoods.”

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His moving message to the world

It was during a disastrous December 15, 2017, three days before his arrest. Young Ahed Tamimi, out of breath, addressed the world outside her home in Nabi Saleh, moments after slapping an Israeli soldier and, through him, Israel’s ruthless colonialism. She had just learned that her young cousin had been seriously injured in the head by the targeted fire of an Israeli sniper. A particularly poignant scene.

Meeting with Ahed Tamimi during his visit to France after his release