Algeria: a monumental statue of the Emir Abdelkader soon on the heights of Oran

Algeria: a monumental statue of the Emir Abdelkader soon on the heights of Oran

It is in memory of a true monument of its history that Algeria will soon erect a colossal statue.

Located on the heights of Oran, the majestic statue bearing the effigy of the illustrious Emir Abdelkader, the founder of the first modern Algerian state, both warlord, remarkable strategist, fine scholar and magnanimous hero, will overlook the radiant city port of western Algeria.

42 meters high, it will deploy its impressive dimensions on Mount Murdjadjo, the highest point of the city, dominating the fort and the chapel of Santa Cruz. This grandiose work will do more than rival the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer, iconic symbol of Rio de Janeiro. It will surpass it in gigantism, and this, for the greatest pride of a man: the wali of Oran, Saïd Sayoud.

Mount Murdjadjo culminates at 429.3 m above sea level
The wali of Oran, Saïd Sayoud, presenting the project in the hemicycle of the wilaya

The President of the Republic has granted us funding of 1.2 billion dinars to build a museum with a statue bearing the image of Emir Abdelkader, which will be located on Mount Murdjadjo. We received the notification of funding, last Thursday, to carry out the study and the realization of this project “, announced Saïd Sayoud, during a meeting which was held, Wednesday, May 24, in the hemicycle of the wilaya, in the presence of the executives of the local communities and the urban planning.

We already have a very precise idea about the design of this project. With a height of 42 meters, the statue will be taller than Santa Cruz and will even exceed the tallest statue in the world which dominates the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, 39m high. Thus, Oran will have the tallest statue in the world! », exclaimed the one who presides over the destinies of the second largest city in Algeria, which has become one of the high places of tourism thanks to the precious assets it conceals.

She will stand proudly at the top of Mount Murdjadjo, the future statue of Emir Abdelkader, the soul of the Algerian resistance, will be equipped with a special sword. “ The statue’s sword will be designed so that it has a laser that will be aimed at the Qibla to show worshipers the direction of Mecca. The horse of the statue will rest on five supports in reference to the five pillars of Islam Said Sayoud said.

There is no doubt that this monumental work, created in homage to a giant in the history of Algeria, will have a strong potential for attractiveness. Oran, the radiant, can more than ever radiate happiness: its tourist future is announced under happy auspices.