Algeria, appalled and worried, stands with Nahel's family

Algeria, appalled and worried, stands with Nahel’s family

The strong emotional explosion caused by the violent, unbearable death of the young Nahel, 17, coldly shot by a policeman in Nanterre, is felt even on the other side of the Mediterranean, in Algiers, where it arouses amazement and dread.

Notable fact, the police officer, author of the fatal shooting, was remanded in custody yesterday, Thursday, June 29, after being indicted for ” voluntary homicide “.

In the country of origin of the teenager, within the population as well as at the highest peak of the State, the shock and consternation are immense. The tragic disappearance of Nahel, broke in full youth, cast a dark veil of sadness over the whole of Algeria.

While his first thoughts go to the young victim of this appalling tragedy, the Algerian government, as echoed Algeria press servicesimmediately showed great compassion for the mother and the grieving relatives of the deceased, while expressing to the French State his deep emotion tinged with concern.

Thus, the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad indicated, in an official press release, to follow with “great attention” developments in the disappearance case “brutal and tragic of young Nahel in France”saying to himself shocked and appalled”.

Here is what we could read yesterday, Thursday June 29, under a moved and concerned ministerial pen: “ The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and National Community Abroad learned with shock and dismay of the sudden and tragic disappearance of young Nahel and the particularly disturbing and worrying circumstances in which it took place. “.

After having informed deepest condolences to the family of the deceased,” by assuring him that his mourning and his pain are widely shared in Algeria”, the Algerian ministry said ” trust the French government to fully assume its duty to protect, concerned about the tranquility and security that our nationals must benefit from in their host country “.

In their great misfortune, Nahel’s mother and her loved ones are sure of one thing: the Algerian government stands by their side in the terrible ordeal that strikes them, as underlined by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Community. national abroad: “Algeria has the constant concern to be at the side of the members of his national community in times of adversity and trial”.