Algiers: the Palestinian ambassador hails the "leading" role of Algeria in favor of the Palestinian cause

Algiers: the Palestinian ambassador hails the “leading” role of Algeria in favor of the Palestinian cause

At the ball of cynicism without borders, while the unworthy rounds of the leg of certain Arab countries shamelessly swear allegiance to the Israeli apartheid state, Algeria is honored to take their exact opposite position: it refuses to let itself be lead in this crazy round of vile compromises.

Faithful to its cardinal values, when “brother countries” indulge in a shameful flat-ventrism that tramples on the Palestinian cause, Algeria emerges stronger from its unfailing support for the sovereignty of Palestine, the struggle universal for Justice pegged to the soul.

On Wednesday May 31, in Algiers, Fayez Mohamed Mahmoud Abu Aita, the Ambassador of the State of Palestine, was full of praise for this incorruptible and united Algeria, which will never sacrifice its fundamental principles on the altar of the normalization of relations with ultra-Zionism in power, pest and exterminator.

The Ambassador of Palestine in Algiers, during his audience with the Algerian President, Abdelmadjid Tebboune

Today I had the honor of meeting the President of the Republic, to whom I delivered an important message from his brother, the President of the State of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, attesting to the depth of the Algerian-Palestinian relationship and the Palestinian interest in further consolidating these ties »declared the Palestinian high envoy at the end of the audience granted to him by the President of the Algerian Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, welcoming the “Algeria’s leading role at the Arab, regional and international levels, in favor of the Palestinian cause”.

“Algeria is doing a grandiose and unprecedented job, worthy of both Algeria and Palestine. »insisted Do Mohamed Mahmoud Abu Aita.

Carrying the message “of esteem and consideration towards the president and the people of Algeria for the political, material, cultural and scientific support provided to the Palestinian people”, the Palestinian ambassador stationed in Algiers added with gratitude: It is also a message of thanks and great gratitude to Algeria for the commemoration of the anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, with the aim of refuting the Zionist version and exposing the crimes perpetrated by the Zionist gangs against the people. Palestinian”.

In front of the cameras and microphones reaching out to him, Fayez Mohamed Mahmoud Abu Aita also made himself the herald of President Tebboune, the latter having responsible for conveying to the Palestinian president and people the reaffirmation of Algeria’s unwavering support, through strong and comforting deaths: “Algeria will always be at Palestine’s side and will never abandon it”.

At the ball of cynicism without borders, Algeria can be proud to stand out from those who lend themselves to an inglorious dance of bowing, with disastrous consequences for Palestine martyred and outraged for 75 years.