An ethical and unforgettable language stay in London?  From July 3 to 15, it's possible with Renovo!

An ethical and unforgettable language stay in London? From July 3 to 15, it's possible with Renovo!

Only 19 places left to be part of the trip!
Closing date for registrations on the Renovo website: June 31

You are a middle school or high school student, you are eager to broaden your horizons, to forge enriching connections and to immerse yourself 100% in the language of Shakespeare, during a unique, unforgettable linguistic and cultural stay, which will preserve the values to which you are attached, then there is no longer a moment to lose:

Set sail for London, for excellence, for an ethical, informative and recreational change of scenery, with the Renovo association, from Wednesday July 3 to Monday July 15, 2024!

We no longer present the Renovo associationwhich pursues the noble and ambitious objective of opening the doors of major schools to deserving, brilliant, passionate and persevering Muslim youth, fully imbued with essential Islamic values.

We also no longer present its founder and president, Taoufik Barbouchawho when he does not take his pilgrim's staff to advocate the virtues of the search for knowledge, of the acquisition of knowledge… all the way to China, makes Montaigne's famous quote his own “Travel trains youth”, paraphrasing it thus: “Ethical, enriching, exotic trips that respect universal Islamic values ​​train Muslim youth.”

Also, as he told our Oumma site, he is happy to swap his hat as head of Renovo for that of organizer of an ethical and quality language stay across the Channel, in a kingdom of which Charles III is the sovereign, in the heart of the radiant and dynamic capital of London, but also in the green settings of two prestigious university cities: the high places of knowledge that are Oxford and Cambridge.

Renovo has the pleasure, once again this year, of organizing an exceptional ethical language stay, lasting two weeks, in London, in the heart of the British capital, the historical and cultural center of a world on the move! », Enthuses Taoufik Barboucha, before detailing what will be on the program for this memorable trip, rich in meetings, emotions and discoveries, on the other side of the Channel.

” VSThis stay is aimed at all students, from CM2 to Terminale, whatever their level of English. The main thing is their good behavior, respectful of our beautiful Muslim values. All the children will leave Paris, and will be accommodated in London in the same large house, with full board. There will be one floor for boys and another for girls. The meals will be Halal and prepared by Muslim cooks. he explains.

And to emphasize: “ English lessons will be given every morning, for three hours, by teachers whose mother tongue is English. This stay will be punctuated by cultural and historical visits to London, as well as Oxford and Cambridge, thanks to our local contacts who will open the doors to the Islamic Departments for us. To this will be added meetings with exceptional personalities, including among others Haroun Shirwani, Bechir Bourkiza…”.

To have the happiness of heading to London with Renovo, from July 3 to 15, and to live a memorable experience by becoming familiar with the idioms of the language of Shakespeare but also of the illustrious poet Milton, how much will it cost families?

The price of this unique, exceptional stay defies all competition! “, exclaims Taoufik Barboucha, specifying: “ namely €630 for members and €1,890 for non-members. But places are limited, and there are only 19 places left to fill to date. So, for those who are interested, you must register quickly by June 31 “.

To finalize registration on the Renovo website, just one click on:

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