Auchan forced to close this store facing competition from a halal brand

Auchan forced to close this store facing competition from a halal brand

The food inflation of this past year has pushed the French to change their habits. A financial situation that smiles on new specialized brands, more accessible because they are less expensive, such as Hmarket, in the Yvelines.

While the discontent of the French with regard to large distributors has been rising for months in connection with the inflation of food prices, certain companies are taking advantage of the mess to impose themselves. In Rambouillet and Les Mureaux, in the Yvelines, the supermarkets of Auchan have announced their closure in the coming months, pressurized by their usual competition, but also by a new belligerent. This is Hmarket, a chain specializing in “ethnic food”, report our colleagues from Parisian. With its unbeatable prices, it conquers more and more locals.


Prices defying the competition

But Hmarket does not convince only one type of clientele, because its strong point is above all its prices. “Since inflation, we no longer hesitate to peck everywhere, confide to our colleagues Sylvain and Josette, a couple from Vernouillet. And Auchan has become too expensive.” Accustomed to this brand, they will now buy their fruits and vegetables from its halal competitor. “Look, we came out with three bags full of vegetables for only 32 euros”, they enthuse.

For comparison, a kilo of peppers costs 3.29 euros at Hmarket, against 6.99 euros at Auchan. A more than decisive difference for households at a time when life is expensive. In May, food inflation stood at 5.1% over one year, after having reached more than 6% at the start of the year. Enough to push the inhabitants of Les Mureaux and its surroundings to review their habits. Hmarket could thus continue its momentum by reaching the town of Buchelay, a few kilometers to the west.