Bardella, the "dunce" and daddy's boy, or the impostor who bears the mark of the RN

Bardella, the “dunce” and daddy’s boy, or the impostor who bears the mark of the RN

And what if, instead of running for the post of Prime Minister under the gold of the Republic, Jordan Bardella returned to his beloved studies?

Studies, in this case geography at the Paris-Sorbonne University, which the young prodigy of the Le Penisation of minds quickly abandoned, hastening to desert the benches of the university for the radiant future which, as if by magic, opened up before him within the FN.

With only his baccalaureate in his pocket and wearing a dunce’s cap, as revealed in the damning article in Le Canard Enchaîné after having exhumed his calamitous grades from the archives of the Sorbonne (4/20, 2.6/20, and 1.8/20…), Bardella, “the dunce”, was then offered on a platter a very privileged job as a parliamentary assistant, paid 2.5 times the minimum wage for part-time work. Who can beat that?!

With long, sharp teeth that never stop scratching the parquet floor, this daddy’s boy is now dreaming of a great destiny. At only 28 years old, with his meteoric rise that owes everything to the fabulous help of the FN heiress, he aims to don a prestigious royal costume that is far too big for him.

As we approach a Sunday, July 7, of disorder and discord, the shiny veneer of Jordan Bardella, the “nice fascist” created from scratch by Marine Le Pen, dubbed by the ultra-Zionist Meyer Habib and sold to the good people of France as a pure product of the Republican meritocracy, is cracking on all sides, revealing an imposture that bears the mark of the RN.

To keep in mind : the ostentatiously warm embrace given by Meyer Habib to Jordan Bardella, during the national tribute to the victims of October 7, in the Cour des Invalides