British Airways makes a splash: the hijab is part of its new uniform collection

British Airways makes a splash: the hijab is part of its new uniform collection

It is enough to cross the Channel to become aware of the ocean of differences which separates France and the United Kingdom, that relating to the perception of the wearing of the veil by revealing all the immensity…

While it is adorned with very few virtues in the land of human rights, and remains threatened with prohibition to the confines of the public space by its fierce detractors, the hijab looks great in the kingdom of which Charles III is the new ruler! And not just on dry land.

Revisited by the stylist Ozwald Boateng, the veil bearing his signature will take height very soon, during the summer of 2023. For the first time, he will enhance a collection of unique uniforms, which had not been renewed for more than 20 years: the one made to measure to highlight the British Airways airline. (see video below)

The design of this uniform was an ambitious undertaking, it went far beyond the creation of clothing. “, entrusted to the English press its happy creator. ” Although the airline has a strong legacy, it was imperative to support the crafting of a new narrative of change and transcendence, while remaining current. “, he explained.

Indeed, after four years of design and testing, involving more than 1,500 employees in some fifty workshops, the new outfits, developed in the greatest secrecy, which will dress the 30,000 ambassadors of British Airways (flight, technical and commercial personnel), were officially presented.

They offer a range of hijabs and tunics intended for air hostesses or ground hostesses of the Muslim faith in every respect, which is the pride of a man: Sean Doyle, the president of the prestigious airline.

Sean Doyle, Chairman of British Airways

Our uniform is an iconic representation of our brand, something that will carry us into our future, representing the best of modern Britain and helping us to deliver excellent original, quintessentially British service to our customers.s”, he declared enthusiastically, before emphasizing: “ We wanted to create a collection of uniforms that our employees, all of our employees, would be proud to wear and, in consultation with over 1,500 colleagues, we are confident that we have achieved this. “.

From the white cliffs of Etretat to those of Dover, there is an ocean of contrasts that distance the French obsession with the veil, draped in unfathomable republican hypocrisy, from British acceptance. A salutary acceptance, thanks to which the Islamic veil is not grabbed like a scarecrow and those who wear it are not doomed to loathing, neither on earth nor in the air…