The orphans of Gaza: suffering without borders

By bombs. By the bullets. By hunger. Israel destroys Palestinians in Gaza.

Every day, more and more children are dying of hunger. The images are unbearable. Starving Gazans are shot at by the Israeli army as they approach a food convoy. This is neither an inevitable tragedy nor an unfortunate consequence of conflict. This is a deliberate policy. Every day the army and settlers prevent aid from arriving. Premeditated and organized, the famine is one of the dimensions of the genocidal war that Israel is waging against the population of Gaza.

Netanyahu announces a terrible ground invasion of Rafah, whose population is already bombed, shot and starved. In the West Bank, settlers supported by the authorities continue to multiply killings, destruction, dispossession…

A month ago, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) recognized a risk of genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza and forced Israel to take immediate measures. All reports converge, Israel is once again not respecting any of the obligations that international law imposes on it.

And why would he do it, since he can continue to flout international law, the obligations of the occupier, humanitarian law, etc. with complete impunity? Because Israel, allied with far-right governments around the world, is supported by Western states (the United States first, but France too) who do not respect the obligations resulting from the decision of the ICJ. They thus make themselves complicit in the genocide.

Not only are there still no sanctions against Israel, but arms deliveries continue. Diplomatic declarations fool no one: unconditional support for this colonial, apartheid, and now genocidal state is brazenly maintained.

Only massive popular mobilization can change the balance of power. Let us strengthen the successful BDS campaign. Let's amplify solidarity actions throughout March 2024, the month of Israeli Apartheid Week, a time of international mobilization which takes place every year and which this year takes on particular importance.

Gaza is murdered. Palestine is destroyed. It's urgent.

The National Coordination of the UJFP, March 4, 2024