Canada: Islamic History Month honors Muslim women who have distinguished themselves in the Arts and Sciences

Canada: Islamic History Month honors Muslim women who have distinguished themselves in the Arts and Sciences

From the first light of autumn, at the moment when the leaves turn yellow on a maple land that glows red on all sides, the time returns to celebrate the Month of Islamic History and Heritage.

This major annual event, included in the agenda of many political figures, is preparing to pay tribute to the rich and varied contributions made to Canada, since the 19th century, by the Muslim community, within which remarkable women have are particularly illustrated.

Throughout an enchanting month of October, in the middle of grandiose landscapes which have taken on their shimmering hues, mosques, town halls, art galleries and other exhibition centers will flaunt, this year again, at the warm colors of multiculturalism, but also recognition towards pioneers of the Muslim faith who have magnificently contributed their stone to the building.

They will have left their mark on the Arts and Sciences with their erudition, and their intelligent and salutary influence on the improvement of humanity, still too unsuspected, is still felt.

Let us celebrate the month of Islamic History and Heritage with enthusiasm and share together the invaluable contributions of brilliant Muslim women, who have contributed and continue to contribute to the betterment of society and humanity. Recognizing and honoring our most exemplary women will inspire and empower Muslim youth, and better yet, overcome the negative stereotypes of Islamophobia », highlights the press release of the operation.

Convinced that thanks to education, knowledge and acquaintance, but also the sharing of positive and enriching stories, Canada, this land of immigration par excellence, will overcome racism in all its forms , the organizers of Islamic History and Heritage Month have chosen a new unifying theme.

Shahina Siddiqui

We aspire to make this major annual meeting a national-scale project that we will leave as a legacy to future generations, so that they can continue it, with the aim of highlighting the fundamental values ​​of Islam and the richness of the contributions of the Muslim community in Canada “, declared Shahina Siddiqui at a press conference.

With the return of fall, still dazzling in the land of the great lakes and the caribou, Muslims are keen, today even more than yesterday, to demonstrate that they are Canadians like any other. In a sparkling way, of course.