Complicity in genocide in Gaza: how far can it go?

Complicity in genocide in Gaza: how far can it go?

By Ramona Wadi

If we listened to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the definition of genocide would be changed.

Israel’s definition of its genocidal intentions and actions was summed up by it as “a moral and just war” waged by the Israeli settlement enterprise and military.

“This international smear campaign will not shake our arm or weaken our resolve to fight to the end,” Netanyahu said.

At the end of what? The complete ethnic cleansing of Gaza?

At the International Court of Justice (ICJ) last week, Israel unfolded its trumped-up narrative of defending its security, and predictably blamed Hamas for the thousands of injuries and deaths. Palestinian deaths caused by Israeli airstrikes.

The apartheid state also played the humanitarian card, although using starvation, among other tactics, to wipe out the Palestinian population.

Humanitarian corridors were bombed, food aid was unable to enter Gaza and, occasionally when it was possible, provisions were meager compared to the scale of deprivation caused by the enterprise of destruction and destruction. death of Israel.

Not to mention Israeli soldiers who shot Palestinian civilians as they crowded around trucks to get supplies. Or about children picking up flour spilled on the ground.

Genocide is not an invention – or a “smear campaign” as Netanyahu would have us believe – and Israel, of course, has perfected its methods.

However, not even Israel believes its own lies, much less the rest of the international community.

Alliances and complicity are what Israel relies on, however.

It is left in control of its security narrative because the ties are deeply rooted and dependence on Israel’s military technology is the major weakness of too many governments. So much so, in fact, that the Jerusalem Post advertises Israeli weapons used in Gaza.

As if to celebrate “100 days of the Israel-Hamas war” – Israel’s euphemism for genocide – a recent article lists new Israeli weapons and medical supplies for the military.

With the emphasis on precision targeting and mortars with “enhanced precision…for use against terrorists in populated areas”, perhaps Israel can explain why precision targeting increases the number of civilian casualties. Palestinian civilians, unless Israel specifically targets civilians.

This is in addition to Israel’s claim that it also used guided bombs, “the goal being more attacks with fewer flights.” The Jerusalem Post notes that, “Israel is the first country to use them in operations. »

Whether Israel uses precision strikes or unguided bombs, civilians are the target in a territorial strip where no place is safe and the only way to escape is forcible transfer, the preferred objective of the Israeli leaders only stopped boasting as the ICJ hearing approached.

There is no smear campaign against Israel. The settler colonial state has claimed to have the intent to annihilate the Palestinians in Gaza and has carried out genocidal actions that prove the intent.

What’s more, he has already bragged about his own impunity before the ICJ when he declared that a court decision granting the provisional measures required to end the genocide “would guarantee its violation by Israel as soon as it is returned. »

The underlying message is that Israel will not be stopped from committing genocide because Israel considers itself above international law and international conventions.

If the international community fails to stop this “rogue state”, a new level of impunity and complicity in genocide will be introduced.

January 16, 2024 – Middle East Monitor – Translation: Chronicle of Palestine – MJB