Drama in Élancourt: Sefa, 16, brain dead, will be transferred to Turkey

Drama in Élancourt: Sefa, 16, died Monday in Turkey

In a state of brain death since this tragic Wednesday, September 6 in Elancourt, in Yvelines, when he was violently hit by a police vehicle, young Sefa, 16, died Monday morning in Turkey, the country of origin of his parents.

As confirmed by Me Yassine Bouzrou, his family’s lawyer, it was his father who was responsible for the trying mission of publicly announcing the sad news, to the Turkish press agency IHA and to Release.

Brutally torn from life and his loved ones, the teenager, unanimously described as “ nice and quiet, just doing young things with his motorcycle », will never again get on his mini Honda motocross bike on which he experienced exhilarating moments, without imagining that one disastrous day in September death would await him around the corner.

At the request of his parents, who had received the consent of the Versailles prosecutor’s office, Sefa left the Hospital on Sunday evening Beaujon, in Clichy, to be transferred to the other side of the Bosphorus, where he has now prematurely reached his final resting place.

While several Turkish media announced his death, his father, in a video from Turkish news agency IHA, complained about the medical treatment provided to his son in France, claiming to have performed a cardiac massage himself. Reasons which would explain, according to him, his transfer to Turkey.

Broke in his youth while riding his motorcycle, Sefa is no longer there to deliver his version of the facts. It is up to his parents’ lawyer, Me Yassine Bouzrou, to have the heavy task of doing it for him, by categorically refuting the thesis of “accident or pure coincidence” to which the police cling. incriminated. Last Thursday evening, he announced that he had filed a complaint for “ attempted intentional homicide » against the police, and requested the removal of the case, accusing the Versailles prosecutor’s office of lies”.