Ethiopia: peaceful protests against the destruction of mosques leave two dead

Ethiopia: peaceful protests against the destruction of mosques leave two dead

In a predominantly Christian Ethiopia, but where a third of the population is Muslim, an eminently political project which redraws the places of power, through the merger of six localities surrounding the capital, has set fire to the powder.

Supported by the federal authorities and the Oromia region, which are hardly embarrassed to consult with the Muslim minority, yet concerned in the first place, this project called Sheger City, launched last year, quickly activated its bulldozers to clear the way… Set in motion, their steamrollers, which nothing can stop, have been destroying many buildings for several months, including mosques, which the authorities believe were built illegally, to the consternation of the faithful of Addis Ababa.

Raising a thunder of indignation within the Ethiopian Muslim community, the massive destruction of its sacred enclosures is considered highly “discriminatory”, because it is based on essentially ethnic and religious criteria.

They triggered peaceful protest demonstrations, but which turned tragic last Friday, near the historic al-Anwar mosque, the largest and oldest in Addis Ababa. Incidents erupted after Muslim worshipers took to the streets after Friday prayers. A heavy toll ensued: two Muslims were killed and several others were injured.

The Al-Anwar Mosque

“Two people injured during unrest in an area known as Gas Tera have been reported to have died after being taken to hospital for treatment”writes the official media FanaBC on its website.

Outraged, the capital’s High Council for Islamic Affairs strongly condemned the unconstitutional and inhuman response” security forces against muslims “peacefully defending their rights”. He immediately demanded that sanctions be taken.