European elections: with the UDMF and its European partners, vote for Palestine!

European elections: with the UDMF and its European partners, vote for Palestine!

Three months before the European elections and on the eve of the official announcement of the unprecedented coalition which will take place in Brussels, Tuesday March 19, 2024, we are releasing the press release from the Union of French Muslim Democrats (UDMF).

On June 9, with the UDMF and its European partners,
vote for Palestine!

30,000 dead, tens of thousands injured, two million displaced, hospitals destroyed, a population threatened with famine and an unlivable territory: this is the terrible toll of the massacre perpetrated in Gaza by the Israeli army for months.

This follows decades of occupation, colonization, territorial annexations, blockades, targeted violence and killings, arbitrary arrests and detention.

Faced with this injustice, French and European diplomacy have been unworthy: unconditional support for Israel, demonstrations in favor of Palestine banned, criminalization of support for Palestine…

This is why the UDMF (Union of French Muslim Democrats) decided, along with French and European parties in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden, to form a coalition for the European elections. of June 9, 2024 to make the voice of the Palestinian people heard.

The objective is also to fight against the rise of Islamophobic parties in Europe which make Muslims their target.

During this campaign, we will demand a radical change in French and European diplomacy. Peace in Palestine can only come through an end to occupation and colonization. And to do this, we must initiate sanctions against Israel, just as we are imposing sanctions against Russia following its invasion of Ukraine.

We will require, among other things:

▪ Ban on sales of arms and military equipment to Israel
▪ An embargo on Israeli products and a ban on all trade with Israel
▪ The ban on all European citizens engaging in the Israeli army under penalty of prosecution for war crimes
▪ The closure of European airspace to Israeli aviation, of EU ports to Israeli ships and of Union roads to Israeli carriers
▪ The exclusion of Israel from all international and European competitions, such as the Olympics or the Champions League football.

The European Union, founded on the idea of ​​peace, must no longer tolerate injustice and suffering inflicted on the Palestinian people. This is why it is fundamental to send to Parliament European MEPs who will carry this voice.

The Union of French Muslim Democrats (UDMF)