Floods in Libya: the miraculous house of Derna

Floods in Libya: the miraculous house of Derna

Literally saved from the waters, the exceptional resistance of a house in the face of the Dantesque floods which engulfed the martyred city of Derna on September 11, in the heart of a deeply damaged Libya, is a miracle.

Remaining standing and intact, the extraordinary house whose foundations have not been shaken by anything, not even the worst natural disaster to have occurred in the region in the last sixty years, impresses as much as it fascinates.

Incredibly robust, the miraculous house of Derna, as social media users now call it, which is located only 400 meters from the shore, will have defied the fury of the elements in a spectacular way.

It stands today in the middle of a gloomy landscape of desolation, offering a striking contrast with the other houses which surround it, reduced to a state of ruins.

After not believing their eyes, as reported by the Albawaba site, Internet users in the Arab world give its owner all the credit. “A good man of great devotion, who sponsors orphans and encourages them to memorize the Holy Quran. God is big “, many of them wrote, both captivated and amazed by the fabulous story of the house miraculously preserved from the flood.