For solidarity with Palestine, for the defense of our freedoms, it is essential to block the extreme right!

For solidarity with Palestine, for the defense of our freedoms, it is essential to block the extreme right!

The AFPS notes with the greatest concern the results of the first round of the French legislative elections. Confirming the estimates of the last few days, the extreme right, which came in first with nearly 34% of the vote, is for the first time in the history of the Fifth Republic on the threshold of power.

The dissolution of the National Assembly, desired by the President of the Republic, has in fact caused a political earthquake in the country.

It is to be feared that a very dark future is emerging, particularly for the most socially and economically fragile people, but also for those who have always been the target of the extreme right because of their origin, the colour of their skin, their supposed religion or their sexual orientation.

In the history of the world, every time the extreme right has come to power, it has threatened fundamental human rights. It has frontally attacked democracy, the freedom of action and expression of citizen counter-powers..

The parties, unions, associations, NGOs, and support networks with which the AFPS shares its universal values ​​of equality, fraternity, liberty and solidarity have every reason to want to prevent this extreme right from obtaining an absolute majority next week.

With the entire associative and solidarity movement, we refuse to pay the high price of its victory announced for tomorrow. A victory which, depriving us of our capacity to intervene, would limit our scope of action in favor of the rights of the Palestinian people.

A victory that could force us to silence all criticism of the Israeli apartheid regime, guilty of genocide in Gaza.

During the election campaign, representatives of the extreme right and their allies have constantly exploited the tragedy of the Palestinians in Gaza to accuse their adversaries of anti-Semitism whenever they declared themselves in favour of a ceasefire.

Using all the repressive concepts of the outgoing ministers Darmanin and Dupond-Moretti, they are ready, under the pretext of fighting ” against any apology for terrorism “, to prohibit those who, through their mobilizations for Palestine, threaten their vision from demonstrating” of public order “.

Their bias in favor of the far-right Netanyahu regime leaves no doubt that they will do everything in their power to weaken international support for the Palestinian people, and to try to silence us in France.

For all these reasons, the France Palestine Solidarité association solemnly renews its call to block the extreme right by all means, at the ballot box and in mobilizations.

The National Office of the AFPS,
July 1, 2024