“Free Palestine”: discover the UDMF campaign clip in the running for the 2024 Europeans

“Free Palestine”: discover the UDMF campaign clip in the running for the 2024 Europeans

“Free Palestine”: united under the same slogan,
the UDMF and its partners in winning European votes,
Sunday June 9

Nagib Azergui surrounded by Haluk Yildiz, president of the German Big Partei party and Frankfurt city councilor, sociologist Jeroem Schlider and Sydney Ankers, member of the Swedish Nyans party

On the eve of a European election with high stakes, and particularly national consequences in France under the Macron era, which we can fear will reshape an all-right political landscape, the UDMF (Union of French Muslim Democrats)driven by its Muslim ethics and its attachment to the Palestinian cause, goes to the front under a single slogan: Free Palestine!

There is strength in unity, so it is within the unprecedented European coalition formed by independent parties of Muslim essence and fundamentally pro-Palestinian, in Germany, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands and Sweden, which the micro-party founded in France by Nagib Azergui urges more than ever to “ Act to no longer suffer » behind the curtains of the voting booths, Sunday June 9.

The European Union, founded on the idea of ​​peace, must no longer tolerate the injustice and suffering inflicted on the Palestinian people. This is why it is fundamental to send deputies to the European Parliament who will carry this voice », pleads vibrantly the spearhead of the UDMF since 2012, which sets out to conquer votes under the colors of the martyred land of Palestine, not without having mounted its great hobby horse: the fight against Islamophobia on an Old Continent where the storm of revanchist nationalism rumbles.

We invite you to discover the official UDMF campaign clip