Gaza: the CFCM deplores the hierarchy between civilian victims

Gaza: the CFCM deplores the hierarchy between civilian victims

The Palestinians in Gaza have been subjected to incessant bombardments for weeks, causing more than 8,500 victims and thousands of injured civilians, the majority of whom are children and women. These populations are suffering terribly in full view of the international community, unable to impose a ceasefire or protect them. Likewise, numerous abuses are committed against the populations of the West Bank by extremist settlers.

Also, the CFCM deplores that men and women from various backgrounds can defend, particularly in the media of our country, the hierarchy between civilian victims. Their arguments remind us of those already used in dark contexts in the history of humanity. This absurd idea, by which its promoters attempt to justify crimes committed against civilians, including children, is in complete rupture with all the principles and values ​​which underpin our republican pact, which includes the equal dignity of men.

Furthermore, the CFCM strongly deplores that a member of the Council of State can declare on the Cnews channel that “Muslims, many work on construction sites, have access to explosives, can have access to firearms, if there was a slogan to kill Jews, there could be an attack every day” . Through his statement, this person wrongly accuses all honest workers of the Muslim faith by assimilating them to potential terrorists who are only waiting for a word of command to take action. This type of shocking and unjustifiable statement can only expose Muslims in France to hatred, and lead to tensions and divisions within our society.

Furthermore, the Paris police headquarters decided to ban pro-Palestinian demonstrations by highlighting the “intangible and moral criterion”, while recognizing that it was not a question of maintaining peace. ‘order. Therefore, it is legitimate to question ourselves about its past decisions by which it authorized demonstrations by ultra-right groups, which promoted hatred. To authorize this type of demonstration, the police headquarters had highlighted its inability to prove the existence of a clear risk of disturbances to public order.

Without calling into question the prefecture’s assessment of the current situation, we believe that it is difficult for us citizens to understand the relevance of these decisions which can exacerbate a feeling of double standards and its consequences.

Faced with this, the CFCM calls on the active forces of our country to persevere in the defense of the principles and values ​​which underpin our country, to call for an immediate ceasefire to put an end to the massacres of civilians and for a dialogue for a just, equitable and lasting peace which requires the solution of two States living side by side in peace and security.

Paris, 1er November 2023

The French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM)