German footballer Robert Bauer reveals his conversion to Islam in Saudi Arabia

German footballer Robert Bauer reveals his conversion to Islam in Saudi Arabia

He is not the first and will certainly not be the last to walk on the right path that the Most High and Most Learned enlightens, German footballer Robert Bauer, 29, has just revealed a hitherto well-kept secret : for several years now, the Light of Allah has guided each of his steps, on and off his favorite terrain.

Born to Kazakh Christian parents, the new recruit of the Saudi club Al-Tai FC could only continue his luminous journey in the Holy Land, alongside his Muslim wife, where his Islam could fully flourish and his revelation in broad daylight would not be would not unleash passions. Or only the most enthusiastic and fraternal.

To all the people who send me complimentary and warm messages, and whom I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart, know that I came to Islam thanks to my wife, met in Dubai, and her family. It has been many years since I said the Shahada, when I got married. Over time, I have deepened my knowledge of our beautiful religion. Since then, I have walked towards God every day. I am so grateful to you for encouraging me on this path. “, the former Bundesliga first division player wrote on Instagram.

As soon as he set foot on the soil of the Saudi kingdom last May, his fears of lifting the veil on his inclination of heart vanished. The cries of horror that the announcement of his conversion to Islam would inevitably have triggered in the West, and more particularly in an Old Continent undermined by its old demons, have given way to cries of joy.

Since my arrival in Saudi Arabia, I have felt the warmth of Islam and I want to repeat my Shahada endlessly, to read and reread the Quran again, to learn and practice. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the love and support I receive “, could we read under his calm and grateful pen.

Among the series of photos that Robert Bauer published on Instagram, four particularly stood out: the one showing him receiving a copy of the Holy Quran and praying, and two others highlighting Quranic verses: Guide us to the right path » (surah al-Fatiha) » and « He is with you wherever you are “. (Quran 57 “Iron”: 4)