Israel: an unlimited offensive.  With Rony Brauman

Israel: an unlimited offensive. With Rony Brauman

Israeli bombings are now widespread across the entire Gaza Strip. The human and social situation there continues to deteriorate while humanitarian aid arrives in dribs and drabs. There are tens of thousands of injured to date, and the death toll is estimated at more than 20,000, according to the Hamas Ministry of Health. Furthermore, the lack of access to care and water, living conditions as well as hunger favor the appearance of epidemics in the territory, which could ultimately increase this toll.

A humanitarian crisis which nevertheless remains unique at a time when the population is unable to flee the territory and where the prospects for ending the crisis and finding a political solution seem very distant.

How can we more precisely describe the human and social situation in Gaza? How is the war in Gaza different from other humanitarian crises? What are the prospects for ending the crisis? Is a political solution still possible? In the current context, what are the consequences of Western support for Israel? To what extent does the conflict in Gaza risk deepening the divide between Western countries and the “global South”? So many issues that Rony Brauman, former president of Doctors Without Borders, addresses in this podcast.