Jeddah: Algeria bangs its fist on the table to intensify pressure on Israel

Jeddah: Algeria bangs its fist on the table to intensify pressure on Israel

Through the voice imbued with angry gravity of Ahmed Attaf, his Minister of Foreign Affairs and the National Community Abroad, Algeria banged its fist on the table in Jeddah, during the extraordinary ministerial meeting held yesterday, Tuesday March 5, at the headquarters of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

In front of his counterparts from the 57 Member States, gathered to look at the tragic worsening of the situation in Gaza, this dismal open-air prison which has become an immense cemetery, particularly for thousands of children, and the terrible ordeal suffered by its population, at the height of the horror, Ahmed Attaf did not use circumlocutions: he forcefully called for a saving start in the Muslim world to put an end to it.

“It is time to understand that condemnations and indignation alone are not enough to stop the systemic genocide and extermination of which Ghaza is the scene,” he insisted in his powerful speech, as reported by the Algérie Presse Service website, urging “carry out effective action on all levels with a view to intensifying pressure on the Zionist occupation and putting an end to its tyranny and barbarity.”

And to add: The current delicate situation dictates that we unify our collective positions and support them with measures and initiatives to respond to the cries of distress of our Palestinian brothers and put an end to the injustice, suffering and agony caused by aggression. barbarian who violates all political, legal and moral principles and rules, an aggression whose barbarity escapes all description “.

It would also have been expected and hoped that we would support, without hesitation and unequivocal, the severance of diplomatic, cultural, economic, commercial, military and security relations with the Zionist occupier, as requested by the African Union ( UA), a few days ago », added Ahmed Attaf, greatly deploring this failure.

At the end of his striking speech, whose indignant tones we must hope will have provoked a powerful electric shock among his Muslim counterparts, the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs solemnly proclaimed: These are there the priorities that Algeria defends in the Security Council with dedication and commitment to our Palestinian brothers and their cause which is ours and that of the entire Muslim nation “.