“Judeo-Christian civilization”: B. Netanyahu has placed himself in the camp of barbarism and cannot claim to have any religion or civilization.

“Judeo-Christian civilization”: B. Netanyahu has placed himself in the camp of barbarism and cannot claim to have any religion or civilization.

The CFCM is deeply outraged by the comments of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on the French channel LCI, presenting the mass murders of innocent women and children in Gaza as a victory of “Judeo-Christian civilization” against barbarity “.

Neither the Jewish religion, nor the Christian religion, nor the values ​​of a civilization based on international law and Human Rights call for the voluntary starvation of an entire population, the destruction of hospitals and places of worship, bomb ambulances and refugee camps and indiscriminately massacre women and children.

Openly advocating a genocide against the Palestinians, as B. Netanyahu's allies do, by calling for the complete razing of Gaza with atomic weapons and the extermination of its inhabitants, whom they compare to human animals, is nothing ” Judeo-Christian.

In this murderous enterprise, Christians and Muslims in Palestine suffer the same abominations and atrocities. The destruction of their churches and hospitals, death threats, expulsions, spitting are their daily lives in the face of racists who distort the Jewish religion and exploit it.

The CFCM deplores that the French channel LCI has offered a propaganda media platform to the man who should appear before the International Criminal Court (ICC) to answer for his crimes against humanity. By declaring on this channel that his victory will be “the victory of France”, he also tried to import the conflict to France.

The CFCM calls on all the active forces of our country to oppose this dangerous attempt to involve France in what will undoubtedly remain one of the worst crimes against Humanity. France's victory is to put itself on the right side of History by upholding its ideals of peace and justice and by demanding the application of international law throughout the world.

We must remain on the right side of history by continuing to speak out against the annihilation of the Palestinian people, to demand an immediate and definitive ceasefire, the release of all innocent hostages and detainees and the establishment of place of a solution of two States living side by side in peace. These are the true counterparts of a civilization which places Man, his dignity and his rights at the center of its concerns, regardless of his origin, religion or beliefs.

Paris, June 2, 2024

The French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM)