Lycée Averroès: justice confirms in summary proceedings the cessation of subsidies

Lycée Averroès: justice confirms in summary proceedings the cessation of subsidies

Nothing happened! The verdict of the Lille administrative court fell yesterday, Monday February 12, like a sledgehammer, sealing the fate of the Averroès Muslim high school, the first of its kind to have emerged in the educational landscape in 2003, which has become a center of excellence in the secondary education.

In fact, he has confirmed in summary proceedings the decision of the Northern prefecture to put an end to public subsidies allocated to this true educational flagship in France, from the start of the 2024 school year.

The management of the school which, in 2008, was the first Muslim high school to go under contract in France, and has since regularly ranked among the best in the region, has immediately reacted by announcing its firm intention to refer the matter to the Council of State.

For his part, the lawyer of the establishment, who had denounced a “manifest misuse of power” from the prefect of the North during the hearing of December 7, 2023, sis protesting against a decision “unacceptable », while nourishing the hope of winning the case with the Council of State, as soon as possible.

Let us recall that the prefecture’s lawyer had denounced Averroès’ adherence to doctrines contrary to the values ​​that private education under association contract must convey.

“There is no reason to maintain the association contract linking the Averroès high school to the State until the decision to terminate this contract, taken by the prefect of the North, is examined by the trial judges », stipulated the administrative court of Lille in a press release. This hearing on the merits has not been scheduled, but should take place “before the end of the current school year”the court said.