Marianne Fund scandal: the home of Mohamed Sifaoui searched

Marianne Fund scandal: the home of Mohamed Sifaoui searched

In the France of the Enlightenment, intellectual dishonesty has its stars who, for years, have been inviting themselves into homes to spit their venom and distill their shameless lies without the slightest scruple.

Among this circle of not very virtuous clerics, infatuated with themselves and not stingy with Islamalgams, the very careerist Mohamed Sifaoui, born in Algeria in 1967, understood perfectly well that skimming television sets, as a “pro Muslim -Israeli”, was the royal road to French media consecration.

This ” useful slayer of Islamism “, as Pascal Boniface unmasked in his brilliant, corrosive pamphlet, published in 2011 – “ Intellectual Forgers -, is once again in the spotlight…

Once is not custom, it is not to water us with his untruths assailed on “radical Islam or Islamo-fascism” or even Palestine, his juicy business, that he is in full light, but because he is at the heart of the burning news: his Parisian home was, in fact, raided yesterday, Tuesday June 13, by the Central Office for the Fight against Corruption and Financial and Tax Offenses.

This less than glorious legal development has also prevented the multi-hatted Mohamed Sifaoui, both journalist and writer, and above all one of the famous self-proclaimed experts in terrorism, from honoring his summons scheduled for the same day, not under the golds of the Elysée, but before a senatorial commission of inquiry.

In addition to his gross untruths, Mohammed Sifaoui, sadly known to eat at all the racks, would he be caught up in heavy pots, made of shenanigans and other very lucrative confusions?

What is the blame for the 50-year-old who turns out to be co-responsible for the Union of Physical Education and Military Preparation Societies (USEPPM), the main beneficiary association of the Marianne fund to fight against “separatism” (355,000 euros)?

“Failures” and “irregularities” in the application process and use of the fund. All this, for an almost non-existent final result, despite a position of “project manager, transmission belt and scientific guarantee” for Sifaoui, as mentioned before the Senate his friend Cyril Karunagaran, president of the USEPPM“, reports the site 20 minutes.

Are we finally going to witness the fall of one of the most cynical experts in lies, long untouchable, who plague France, and only enlighten it with the pale glow of their perfidy? To be continued…