Medina mourns the loss of Sheikh Ismail Al-Za'im, the kindness made man

Medina mourns the loss of Sheikh Ismail Al-Za'im, the kindness made man

Since this Tuesday, April 16, in Medina, near the prestigious Mosque of the Prophet Muhammad (saws), the second holy place of Islam, many have been contemplating, with tears in their eyes, the empty chair left behind by the late Sheikh Ismaïl Al-Za'im, kindness and goodness made man.

Since the announcement of the death, at the age of 96, of Abou Al-Sabaa, one of the most striking and endearing figures in the city of the Noble Messenger of God, mournful eyes have struggled to tear themselves away from the chair on which this beautiful soul sat every day, for several years, happily welcoming pilgrims and visitors before a well-stocked table.

A tempting table, where plates filled with sweets and dates were placed next to teapots and other coffee thermoses, ready to be warmly offered. A gourmet and friendly table, in front of which officiated with a gentle smile, even when the weight of age made itself felt, one of the most humble and generous servants of God.

In Medina, the purest of the pure, where the Prophet emigrated, breathed his last andeposed under the green dome of the Al-Masjid an-Nabawi Mosque, many of them mourn the loss of Sheikh Ismaïl Al-Za'im, this Syrian, born in Hama, who followed in the footsteps of the great man of Islam by taking refuge there in turn, more than forty years ago.

In the grip of deep sadness, many bowed before his memory, all praising his innumerable merits and virtues, while remembering with emotion how essential he considered it to be to give the best welcome to the guests of the Most Merciful.

A model of sacrifice and altruism, Sheikh Ismaïl Al-Za'im leaves behind him a luminous trail, which will illuminate hearts for a long time.