Moroccan justice orders the French high school in Marrakech to welcome a veiled student

Moroccan justice orders the French high school in Marrakech to welcome a veiled student

Blacklisted because of a hijab that the secular Republic, so blinded by its anti-veil witch hunt, bans even outside its own territory, even in a land of Islam (a shame!) , the 14-year-old girl ostracized by the management of the French high school in Marrakech can breathe a big “phew” of relief! Moroccan justice did not allow it to remain so any longer.

Indeed, less than two weeks after seeing the doors of the Victor Hugo school close hermetically in front of her, on the grounds that her veil contravened “French laws on education”, the schoolgirl who was turned away without further ado was could count on the local court of first instance to repair this glaring injustice. An injustice of rare incongruity under skies where Islam shines.

According to the Moroccan court decision, which thereby inflicts a bitter repudiation of the French law of March 15, 2004, the Victor Hugo high school was ordered to return to better feelings immediately, by opening its doors wide. to the veiled teenager. In the event of refusal, he would be fined: 500 dirhams per day to be paid to the schoolgirl.

To justify the lifting of this ban on the wearing of the veil marked with the seal of France of Enlightenment, the Court of Marrakech explained that “ the cooperation and cultural development agreement between Morocco and France does not contain a text prohibiting the wearing of religious clothing “.

Applauded with both hands by Moroccan human rights activists, there is no doubt that this arbitration must have had the effect of a cold shower in the country… of human rights!

This verdict is fair in the case of this veiled student, and is considered a victory for freedom of opinion and religious choice “, exulted Adel Chiquito, president of the Moroccan Union for the Defense of Human Rights, while Idris Sedrawi, president of the Moroccan Association for Citizenship and Human Rights, welcomed the scope of this happy judicial epilogue.

” VShis decision creates a new level of respect for the law in the relationship between foreign schools and students and their parents. Preventing a veiled student from entering an educational establishment, affiliated with the French delegation, is an extreme procedure which contradicts the spirit of civil and individual liberties that a country like France defends. “. A France where the sacrosanct law of 1905, like so many other of its great founding principles, has been knowingly emptied of its substantial marrow…