Multilingual robot guide causes a stir on the vast esplanade of the Grand Mosque in Makkah

Multilingual robot guide causes a stir on the vast esplanade of the Grand Mosque in Makkah

It is part of the overall development plan of the Saudi kingdom, innovation, when it relies on artificial intelligence and comes in the form of a useful and playful robot at the same time, is welcome on Earth holy.

A real tourist attraction, the multilingual robot of the Great Mosque of Mecca has been in great demand since it made its official entrance, on four wheels, in the middle of the vast esplanade where the holy Kaaba stands.

Equipped with an intelligent shutdown system, high-definition cameras capable of transmitting images by capturing a panoramic view of the site, as well as high-quality speakers and a microphone, this new generation guide , that of Wifi, revolutionizes effectively, but gently, the management of pilgrims.

Supposed to have the answer to everything, never caught off guard, the robot perfectly programmed to answer all questions as precisely and judiciously as possible, in particular relating to the performance of Umrah, can also transmit fatwas, all in no less 11 languages: Arabic, English, French, Russian, Persian, Turkish, Malawian, Urdu, Chinese, Bengali and Hausa.

The icing on the cake, he is endowed with the fabulous power of establishing communication with Sheikhs at a distance, and of doing simultaneous translation.

Intelligent, the latest remote-controlled robot that is the pride of the Mecca authorities, and follows in the footsteps of of those developed for the distribution of pure Zamzam water, the sterilization of the high holy places, without forgetting the electronic Koran in Braille, is certainly so.

It is even whispered, among the many pilgrims who are enchanted by his sagacity, that he could sometimes be crossed by flashes of genius…

The robot designed for the disinfection of high holy places

The robot used for water distribution Zamzam