New York: Israeli Consul's anti-Muslim hate speech sparks outrage

New York: Israeli Consul’s anti-Muslim hate speech sparks outrage

They may well drape themselves in the respectability of diplomacy, but ultra-Zionists on a mission dare to do anything, even the worst vileness, and that’s how we recognize them!

Ofir Akunis, the new Consul General of Israel in New York, is one of them. He had barely settled into his opulent residence, believing himself to be on conquered ground with the close American ally, whose prodigious prodigality is not dampened by anything, not even the horror of the genocide in Gaza, when he fanned the flames of hatred… Against Muslims, of course.

To everyone’s astonishment, the diplomat turned into an arsonist of the worst kind, urging New Yorkers to “wake up” against what he called a so-called “radical Muslim occupation.” Or how to reach the height of odiousness when you are the emissary of the cruel and bloody Israeli apartheid state!

While it did not take him long to seriously deviate from his role and drop his mask, with an intolerable sense of impunity, Ofir Akunis was even more quickly hit with opprobrium, notably raising a wave of indignation within the flagship organization defending the rights of American Muslims: CAIR.

In a vitriolic statement, Afaf Nasher, CAIR’s New York director, said she was outraged by ” This despicable false wake-up call from the newly appointed Israeli Consul in New York is in reality a call for hatred and violence targeting Muslims and Arabs in New York, as well as those perceived to be Muslims and Arab-Americans. “.

She urged all American political and religious leaders to condemn unreservedly, and as one, the disgraceful Israeli diplomat.