Nine charred cars in front of the Cherbourg Mosque.  An investigation has been opened

Nine charred cars in front of the Cherbourg Mosque. An investigation has been opened

Who are the hands behind the fire which, on Sunday evening, in a few minutes, reduced to ashes no less than nine cars parked in front of the Cherbourg Mosque? Are they those of arsonists of the worst kind, driven by a devastating, criminal Islamophobia?

How can we not have our mind haunted by this nightmarish scenario, when we learn that this is not the first time that the Cherbourg Mosque has been the scene and target of hateful acts, the violence of which has increased over time? months ?

Indeed, after having been disfigured by filthy tags and death threats last November, a large caliber bullet hole was discovered in the gate of the place of worship, causing fear among the faithful and within the community. the entire local Muslim community.

Large caliber bullet impact in the mosque gate (photos taken from the Cherbourg Mosque Facebook page)

Around 3:30 a.m., there was “a car fire with spread to eight others in an open parking lot. (…) A total of nine vehicles are affected”, reported the Manche firefighters. According to West Francewhich cites local residents, almost half of the twenty vehicles were charred “in just twenty minutes”. “It remains to be seen whether this was an incident or a voluntary act. This fire actually adds to recent events. Hence the importance of quickly finding the causes. underlined Patrice Martin, deputy to the city of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, with France Blue.

An investigation was therefore immediately launched to determine the origin of its destructive flames, to find out if criminal hands are hiding behind what very much resembles an incandescent inferno of anti-Muslim hatred.