NYPD celebrates Hijab Day, promoting 'diversity that enriches the city'

NYPD celebrates Hijab Day, promoting ‘diversity that enriches the city’

Without any disturbance to alter its unifying character, the celebration of the twelfth edition of World Hijab Day was to be marked with a milestone in New York, particularly within the prestigious NYPD police department which stood as one like never before with its veiled Muslim recruits.

Without any grating dissonance to disrupt its beautiful harmony, the now unmissable Hijab Day was celebrated with dignity within the New York police institution, the values ​​of tolerance, inclusion and diversity resonating forcefully in all speeches. .

On this February 1, 2024, placed under happy auspices on the other side of the Atlantic, nothing and no one could have spoiled the party wanted by the NYPD officials, in the form of a tribute to veiled policewomen. Nothing and no one could have broken the ranks which closed as rarely around these female agents and police officers in their own right, and no longer separately.

“Today, the NYPD celebrates World Hijab Day, recognizing the diversity that enriches our city. Embracing the differences that make us stronger as a community is a cornerstone of our commitment to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all.”