One more step in horror: “headless” bodies exhumed from a new mass grave in Al-Shifa

One more step in horror: “headless” bodies exhumed from a new mass grave in Al-Shifa

And one more step in the absolute horror of a genocide of which the West, draped in its democratic banner stained with blood, refuses to pronounce the name!

The macabre discovery of a third mass grave inside the totally devastated Al-Shifa hospital complex now brings to seven (at least seven) the number of mass graves left by Israel in its bloody wake, in the heart of the martyred enclave of Gaza.

The height of barbarity, of the 49 bodies of Palestinians (patients, women and children) who have been exhumed to date, several were headless, as the press service of the Gaza government revealed with horror. “ A third mass grave was found inside the Al-Shifa hospital complex. So far 49 bodies have been extracted, some of them without heads. For his part, Motassem Salah, a manager of the hospital's emergency department, provided a chilling clarification: some bodies are decomposed “.

Among the rare voices to rise, in France, against Israel, to rebel against the cruelty of its innumerable war crimes and its no less criminal impunity, to describe its limitless murderous fury as “genocide”, which continues to fueling the sinister gravediggers of peace that are the United States and vassalized Europe, that of the LFI deputy Thomas Portes is outraged with strength, courage and constancy.

They are murderers », he revolted on X, vigorously denouncing what the dominant doxa minimizes, silences or absolves without the slightest qualms: the execution of the genocide of the Palestinian people.