Open letter to the president of the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) and the Director of the Tour de France.

Open letter to the president of the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) and the Director of the Tour de France.

On May 18, the BDS France campaign sent the letter below to David Lappartient, President of the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) and to Christian Prudhomme, Director of the Tour de France.

A copy was sent to the newspaper l'Equipe.
This letter remained unanswered, so we are publishing it today.

We have learned that the Israel-Premier Tech cycling team which is participating in the Tour de France has removed the name “Israel” from its vehicles on the recommendation of the various European police authorities!

This first victory encourages us to expect more: when will the Israel-Premier Tech team completely withdraw from the Tour de France?

Author : BDS France campaign


Last year, we sent you a letter to once again refuse the whitewashing of Israel's crimes through the presence of the Israel Premier Tech team in the 2023 Tour de France.

We note with amazement that in this year 2024 you intend to do it again.

We are outraged by the practice of double standards which consists of accepting sanctions against Russia and refusing them against Israel, whose genocidal policy against the Palestinians of Gaza and ethnic cleansing against the entire Palestinian people is increasingly more condemned throughout the world not only by international public opinion but also by many States and by numerous political, legal, sporting and cultural bodies.

Following a suit brought by South Africa against Israel, the International Court of Justice and many international authorities found that there was a plausible risk that Israel would commit genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza. . Therefore, on January 26, 2024, the Court ordered Israel to “take all measures within its power” to prevent genocide and incitement to genocide against Palestinians in Gaza. In its second order dated March 28, 2024, the Court indicated more specific measures that Israel should take to ensure the provision of basic services and humanitarian assistance and to ensure that its army does not commit genocide.

The Tour de France must not serve as a pedestal for this criminal, supremacist, racist, segregationist state, responsible for the destruction of Gaza, the assassination of more than 35,000 people, including mainly women and children, in this territory. of nearly 2.3 million inhabitants under blockade. The spread of famine and an unbearable health situation in Gaza are unanimously denounced.

We are in complete solidarity with the Palestinians' call:

Rolling out the red carpet to Israel would be complicit in genocide!

This is why we ask you to reconsider your decision.

This gesture would honor you and prevent you from seeing, all along the Tour route, demonstrations hostile to the presence of this Israeli team, demonstrations which, this year, more than ever, will attract the sympathy of the public.

We are ready to meet with you to discuss it.

While awaiting a response to this letter, we send you our greetings,

The BDS France campaign