Record attendance in Medina: more than 4 million worshipers made their way to the Prophet Muhammad's Mosque

Record attendance in Medina: more than 4 million worshipers made their way to the Prophet Muhammad’s Mosque

More than 4 million pilgrims (4,252,000 very exactly), driven by unconditional love for the Prophet Muhammad (saws), walked from 7 to 14 Dhul Hijjah – from June 25 to July 2- towards Medina, the sanctuary city of Light, forming an immense procession that stretched to infinity.

Under the impressed eyes of several high Saudi dignitaries, including those representing the General Presidency of the Grand Mosque and the Affairs of the Prophet’s Mosque, this gigantic procession wound through Islam’s second holiest city, undulating on the vast esplanade of the prestigious Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi, the Mosque of the Messenger of God, before entering it to discover it and pray.

Its magnitude has already entered the annals of Hajj.

Medina, the city of immaculate purity, praised for its inestimable merits by a myriad of scholars, of whom no one is unaware of the essential place it occupies in the advent of Islam and the heart of its great man, the Prophet Muhammad, experienced record attendance during an exceptional Grand Pilgrimage 2023.

According to precise figures provided by the Saudi authorities, 271,173 pilgrims had the privilege of being able to gather in front of the tomb of the Prophet and 75,529 discovered Al-Rawdah Al-Shareef, A place of great spiritual and historical importance.

6,782 pilgrims visited the sites intended for the elderly, 14,766 attended conferences within the sanctuary of the Masjid Al-Nabawi, 64,703 benefited from an outreach service in the field, 11,534 benefited from a religious orientation service, 17,650 visited exhibitions, 3,001 had recourse to translations, 10,158 visited the library, 115 090 used all means of transport and 8,296 benefited from the orientation service.

Besides, 203,294 bottles of water from Zamzam were distributed and 426,457 meals were given to those who were fasting. More than 46,138 souvenir gifts were offered.

Robots dispensing bottles filled with Zamzam’s holy water

There is no doubt that the hearts of these 4 million Muslims will beat stronger than ever for Medina, the pure of pure, the refuge of believers and the final resting place of the Prophet Muhammad (saws), venerated by all, on the five continents. In one of his past prayers, like him, to posterity, the Messenger of God implored:

“O Allah! Grant twice in Medina the blessings you granted in Makkah. ‏ (Al-Bukhari).