Remained hidden in Miami, Netanyahu's son under fire from criticism from Israeli soldiers!

Remained hidden in Miami, Netanyahu’s son under fire from criticism from Israeli soldiers!

While his war criminal father insists on erasing Gaza from the map and massacring its population, Yaïr Netanyahu, 32, far from being at the forefront of this appalling carnage, is taking it easy in… Miami!

The least we can say is that the offspring of the Israeli Prime Minister, as soon as the “Flood of Al-Aqsa” was announced which fell on his country, was in no hurry to leave his cozy nest (or his good hideout) to fly to Tel Aviv.

Between continuing his Dolce vita under the Florida sun and joining the ranks of Israeli reservists all the time, the choice to fulfill his military duty did not become obvious to Yaïr Netanyahu, to the great dismay of his compatriots engaged in the occupying army.

Angry Israeli soldiers who, like those whose TeaTimes collected the testimony, today fired red bullets on the eldest son of the butcher of Gaza.Yaïr is enjoying his life in Miami, while I’m on the front lines “, castigated one of them, deploring strongly: “ It is we who leave our jobs, our families, our children, to protect our families back home and the country, and not the people who are responsible for this situation. Our brothers, our fathers, our sons, are all going to the front, but Yaïr is still not there. This does not help to strengthen confidence in the country’s leaders “.

While he comes under heavy criticism for not having gone to the fire, Yaïr Netanyahu, whom many Israeli reservists sharply accuse of “ shine by its absence “, would he have donned the inglorious uniform of the deserter?

In any case, it is clear that it is not on the ground, but on Instagram, comfortably hidden behind his computer screen, that he provides his support to his people. Remote support considered very insufficient by the Israeli reservists, not to say tainted with unbearable cowardice.

So, the worthy son of his ultra-Zionist father, known for his extreme right-wing extremism, who had described as “terrorists” the thousands of his fellow citizens hostile to the judicial reform in progress, would he not than a common coward? Reading the outraged reactions of Israeli soldiers that the Times published, the image of Yaïr Netanyahu is irremediably tarnished by what looks very much like an unforgivable abandonment of post.

I flew back from the United States where I have a job, a life, my family “, confided one of them, adding in an indignant tone: “ There is no way I will stay there and abandon my country, my people, at this critical moment. Where is the Prime Minister’s son? Why is he not in Israel? This is the most unifying moment in our recent history as Israelis and every one of us should be here right now, including the Prime Minister’s son “.

Ironically, at a time when the apartheid state should be ostracized by nations for the horror of its abuses in Gaza, Netanyahu father and son are being shamed at home, in Israel itself.