Saudi official reveals 'frequent and fruitful' conversations with Marine Le Pen

Saudi official reveals ‘frequent and fruitful’ conversations with Marine Le Pen

Improbable! This is the first adjective that crosses the mind when learning, from the pen of Middle East Eye journalist Rayhan Uddin, of the rich and positive dialogue established with Marine Le Pen, which was publicly welcomed in London by an eminent foreign interlocutor whom one would not have expected: the Saudi Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Issa, Secretary General of the Muslim World League.

After the “thunderbolt” legislative elections decreed by the oligarch Macron, and the day after the “hammer blow” victory of the RN, the revelation of the proximity ” intellectual and not political “, placed under the best auspices, between the figurehead of the French extreme right and this high emissary of the Wahhabi kingdom is enough to leave one a little more speechless…

It must be said that it was in front of a carefully selected audience, and above all very right-wing, that Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Issa revealed this well-hidden secret: his ” frequent and fruitful conversations with the French president of the extreme right “.

There is no doubt that the British members of the Policy Exchange, all ears, were drinking in the milk while listening to the former Saudi Minister of Justice rejoice in the quality and cordiality of the exchanges that he has established, for some time now, with Marine Le Pen.

We have a good relationship with her. Every time we go to France, we meet with Mrs. Le Pen. We are very transparent when we talk to each other… We are friends in dialogue. We share a friendship based on understanding. “, reports the journalist from Middle East Eye in an edifying article.

When I am in France, I must respect the values ​​of the Republic. Otherwise, how can I enter a state without respecting its values? (Le Pen) asked me if this was Islam. I said yes, this is Islam, and I am the representative of the Muslim World League. “, added Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Issa in front of an audience won over to his cause, while insisting on the fact that the ” Muslims must respect the constitution, laws and dominant culture of the countries in which they reside. “.

At a specific moment in his speech, the Secretary The general of the Islamic World League even hammered home If you don’t like the country you live in, you can leave it. “, making the little squeaky and stubborn music of the Sarkozy era: ” France, you love it or you leave it “.

Of course, championing constructive dialogue in all circumstances and with all political leaders in the world, even those ultra-nationalists who have made the demonization of Islam and Muslims their lucrative business, is a most commendable approach.

We can only hope that Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Issa can build, above the torrents of Islamophobic excesses, bridges of Knowledge and mutual knowledge that are sufficiently solid with the heiress of the FN, who is eyeing the Elysée more than ever.