The Council of Mosques of the Rhône is outraged by the demonization of Islam by Marianne magazine

The Council of Mosques of the Rhône is outraged by the demonization of Islam by Marianne magazine

Press release from the Council of Mosques of the Rhône

The Council of Mosques of the Rhône notes, once again, that the tradition of exaggerated front pages on Islam in French magazines continues to be perpetuated.

This time it is MARIANNE magazine which headlines in its May 30 edition: “WHAT IS REALLY SAYING IN OUR MOSQUEES”.

Beyond the denunciatory title presenting Muslims as conspirators and dissimulators, the exclusive extracts from the investigative book, entitled “ At the heart of Islam in France, 3 years of infiltration in 70 mosques »put forward as if France were going to discover the hidden face of Islam, are edifying.

After reading these extracts and the book, it is clear that the methods used in this work published under a pseudonym do not constitute serious methods. The extract and the published book show everything a good journalist should not do, which makes us question the true identity and quality of the editor.

Indeed, the author follows the basic rules of journalism, which include acting loyally and clearly distinguishing, in the eyes of the public, between facts, analyses, and opinions.

However, reading this article reveals the initial bias, which is demonstrated by the vocabulary used and its syntax. In this case, on half a page of an article concerning the Villeurbanne mosque located in the Rhône, the author only cites 4 sentences taken from the conversation, the rest being only the interpretation and commentary of the alleged journalist.

The vocabulary is also deliberately connoted: “coldness”, “chilling conception”, “sequestration”… With such a method, the writer of the article seeks to illustrate his opinion rather than to truly know the position and the argument of his interlocutor, whose identity as Imam, totally contested, is far from being established.

For information, the said editor should have reread article 17 of the code established by the Council of Journalistic Ethics which provides that: “Journalists use fair methods to collect and process information, photos, images and documents . Unfair methods are notably considered to be the commission of criminal offenses, the concealment of one's status as a journalist, deception regarding the purpose of one's intervention, the use of a false identity, clandestine recording, provocation, blackmail. , harassment, remuneration of information sources…”

The writer of this article ticks many boxes, notably by investigating by concealing his quality, by presenting himself as a convert to Islam, renamed Djibril, and wishing to have explanations on a verse of the Koran, while clandestinely recording the people interviewed .

As such, the Villeurbanne Mosque, which has 3 Imams, solemnly contests that the authorized Imams of the Mosque could have made the remarks attributed to one of them. If MARIANNE magazine and the so-called journalist really want to know “what is really said in our Mosques”, all they need to do, and this is the case for many Mosques, is go to social networks and watch the sermons given in direct, on Friday, to the faithful.

The Villeurbanne Mosque regularly broadcasts its Friday sermons on Facebook. It is the word disseminated, argued and explained of the Koran and its interpretations made by the Imam to the faithful. Verse 4 of sura 34, “AN NISSA”, WOMEN, subject of the disputed article, recurring target of detractors of Islam, is a verse extensively commented on by Muslims and Imams in weekly sermons.

It will be enough for real journalists and investigators to find the said sermons to see that they are in total opposition to the remarks reported by the so-called journalist and the so-called Imam of Villeurbanne.

What is really said in our Mosques is therefore visible, in complete transparency, and it would be unimaginable that an Imam could have a public speech towards his faithful, while having a contrary speech outside of preaching at the mosque. respect of the faithful, converted or not.

This investigation is still based on the desire to raise the audience on the backs of Islam, in defiance of the basic rules of journalism and in defiance of the Muslim population who, once again, find themselves vilified by articles and comments. hateful.

The Council of Mosques of the Rhône therefore hereby wishes to react to this article and these methods, while recalling that it has always welcomed requests for interviews from journalists, and that the Council of Imams of the Rhône is, as for to him, perfectly able to enlighten them on the meaning of sura no. 4, the translation and meaning of which cannot be explained without theological references.

Kamel KABTANE, rector of the great mosque of Lyon,
President of the Council of Mosques of the Rhône.

Azzedine GACI, rector of the Villeurbanne mosque,
Spokesperson for the Theological Council of Imams of the Rhône.